San Jose Tool Follow Up

So it’s been 2 months-ish and my SJFJ is fairly intact.
There is a tendency for the latch to not want to close at times but that’s any carabiner.
The knife came SUPER sharp and has stayed that way. The screw drivers serve a good purpose for attaching my fender on-the-fly.
Now, possibly the most disappointing part of this buy…the bottle opener is a no-go đŸ˜¦
Granted, I have a feeling the guys @ SJFJ weren’t forging these things by hand so I don’t hold this against them (unless they knew before they bought the carabiner’s in bulk w/ this knowledge)
Either way, the cheapest way to fix this is shown in the pic which will be the topic of tomorrows post: Paint Can Openers.

Oh, also they throw in some sick stickers with your order. All in all, it was worth it.




Just a li’l guy until I can get more time to throw down a real post:

You can work out on a fixed gear. It’s a real ball-buster too. Spent the past several days doing it on South Padre Island.

On a related note, sea-water is not kind to bike mechanisms…or your face on a fast ride.

White Lightning: Clean Ride is the SH*T!

San Jose Tool

So we’ve already posted a link to this tool (see pic below). I’m happy to announce I just placed an order for mine. The company site is nice to stumble around on and the tool cost me 28$ with tax & shipping.
Can’t wait for this thing to come in handy…!

p.s. I’m totally snagging one of their “Arizona Tea Cup Holders”

Cool tool

Micah Heatwole (black and green Huffy Independence) showed me this tool from IMINUSD (I – D) that looks pretty badass:

You can check it out and pick it up here.

This would look pretty sweet with one of these on it too.