Just a li’l guy until I can get more time to throw down a real post:

You can work out on a fixed gear. It’s a real ball-buster too. Spent the past several days doing it on South Padre Island.

On a related note, sea-water is not kind to bike mechanisms…or your face on a fast ride.

White Lightning: Clean Ride is the SH*T!


Let the flooding commence!

What is this rain? I switched to clipless pedals today just for the toe-drains on my cleats (shoes). Tech campus is FLOODED. Happy riding everyone! Be safe and visible.

A few tips for riding in the rain:

  • When cornering, stay away from any painted lines or lane markers, these become VERY slick when they are wet.
  • When you get home after riding through a lot of water try and dry as much of your bike as you can by removing wheels, tires, pedals, any bolt covers or caps; this will help prevent rust.
  • Wear clothing that will keep you dry, you will stay warm regardless.
  • Wear reflective clothing anything so those lumbering steel and plastic things with motors will pay more attention to you than the epic puddles they are trying to spray everywhere.