Just met this guy’s dad…

4 buddies, runners from college and avid cyclists, rice across Europe in the summer of ’10. Looks pretty bad-ass.

This guy’s dad stopped me outside Starbucks asking if I “liked riding fixie.” Got to talking and he told me his son loved his and that he (dad) had gotten a chance to ride it. Didn’t take the chance of riding it through Europe though, what with all the hills, mountains, cobbles, and techno clubs. You just can’t trust those techno kids.

Cool dad. Cooler kid. Coolest blog; they do a lot of good-will work around the world…and they have t-shirts!


Another neck of the woods…

A member of Dub Hub (me) will be traveling around the country for the next several weeks. I will hit up Dallas, Houston, South Padre Island, and Chicago. In the meantime, I will be gettin’ the fixed scoop from Texas and the Windy City. Meanwhile our fearless progenitor will be in Lubbock workin’ from the homefront. If you have any suggestions for bike shops, shows, rides, or scenes to check out over the next few weeks let us know!

Image from here.

Happy 4th! Let’s go Lance!

It might be a bit too wet for fireworks but the weather was still pretty nice in northern France today. With the first stage of Le Tour de France complete, Lance Armstrong is leading Team Radioshack and the Americans in 7th place. After a big crash within a mile of the finish in Bruxelles, Fabian Cancellara for Team Saxo Bank is in the lead. There are still 19 stages and a little over 3,000km (~1900mi) left in the tour; plenty of time for Lance to kill it or be killed by it. Let’s hope there is one more yellow jersey in Texas by the end of the month.

*I couldn’t get the picture of this to insert, but its some dude doing bar spins in front of an epically huge American Flag.