Night Polo

Found this sweet little story about bike polo. Well designed and fun to read!


Texas State/Tech Bike Laws

“If you must break the law, do it to seize power: in all other cases observe it.”

-Julius Caesar

Here are the Texas Bicycle Laws

Here are the Tech Bicycle Regulations

Skid Row

A buddy, one Mr. Jack Jones, goes through tires like a creep through a carnival. So, here are two tires that may help him, and you, from ending up stuck on the top of the parking garage with a flat:

Nab the Super Everwear here.

Not out yet, but check for the Brev M here.

Get lost…

But really don’t. It is pretty hard to get lost in Lubbock, we will admit, but this website is still pretty handy. You can get the distance and elevation of your ride, find an existing route, or log your training. Check out here: