I’ll Bring the Jam

and you bring the butter…

These beauties are for flippin’ sale here


Just met this guy’s dad…

4 buddies, runners from college and avid cyclists, rice across Europe in the summer of ’10. Looks pretty bad-ass.

This guy’s dad stopped me outside Starbucks asking if I “liked riding fixie.” Got to talking and he told me his son loved his and that he (dad) had gotten a chance to ride it. Didn’t take the chance of riding it through Europe though, what with all the hills, mountains, cobbles, and techno clubs. You just can’t trust those techno kids.

Cool dad. Cooler kid. Coolest blog; they do a lot of good-will work around the world…and they have t-shirts!

What the f- is this???

From here

Howdy folks!

The A&M atmosphere must be getting to be down here in Houston. Anyway, there are a few photos that I found while I was…er…focusing diligently on grading. …yea… Here is:

In Oregon, they just worry about birds, bikes, dollas, and drawas. Word.


Woah this is a threatening looking bike. Not sure of the quality (I mean, it is Klein) but it at looks like it wants to hurt me. I bet it comes with an alarm too: “Step away from the intimidating bike. You will be vaporized if you come any closer”

From here

Let the flooding commence!

What is this rain? I switched to clipless pedals today just for the toe-drains on my cleats (shoes). Tech campus is FLOODED. Happy riding everyone! Be safe and visible.

A few tips for riding in the rain:

  • When cornering, stay away from any painted lines or lane markers, these become VERY slick when they are wet.
  • When you get home after riding through a lot of water try and dry as much of your bike as you can by removing wheels, tires, pedals, any bolt covers or caps; this will help prevent rust.
  • Wear clothing that will keep you dry, you will stay warm regardless.
  • Wear reflective clothing anything so those lumbering steel and plastic things with motors will pay more attention to you than the epic puddles they are trying to spray everywhere.

one-gear minded neighbors

Workin on riding around campus a bit today this week gettin’ pictures of some fixed/SS’s on and around Tech campus. Check back to see if I got your bike!

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