Coffee Backpack

Some super legit news on so many fronts.

First off, the Starbucks that keeps my bills payed has agreed to my idea that we need to start a delivery service for campus and the surrounding areas.
Deliveries will be made via bicycle, which is awesome because now I get paid to ride my bike and bring people their legal-crack.
There was one problem we had left to overcome…transportation.
That’s where the coffee backpack comes in. Right now the sketches are rough but think of a flat pouch with pedal straps lining it to hold mason jars full of hot tasty goodness.
Paul and all the wonderful gentlemen over at BLAQ have kindly agreed to help us with this endeavor and I can’t even being to thank them enough in advance for the awesomeness that will surely ensue.
Check out the ROUGH sketches below.

Peace and Happy Riding


San Jose Tool Follow Up

So it’s been 2 months-ish and my SJFJ is fairly intact.
There is a tendency for the latch to not want to close at times but that’s any carabiner.
The knife came SUPER sharp and has stayed that way. The screw drivers serve a good purpose for attaching my fender on-the-fly.
Now, possibly the most disappointing part of this buy…the bottle opener is a no-go ūüė¶
Granted, I have a feeling the guys @ SJFJ weren’t forging these things by hand so I don’t hold this against them (unless they knew before they bought the carabiner’s in bulk w/ this knowledge)
Either way, the cheapest way to fix this is shown in the pic which will be the topic of tomorrows post: Paint Can Openers.

Oh, also they throw in some sick stickers with your order. All in all, it was worth it.


San Jose Tool

So we’ve already posted a link to this tool (see pic below). I’m happy to announce I just placed an order for mine. The company site is nice to stumble around on and the tool cost me 28$ with tax & shipping.
Can’t wait for this thing to come in handy…!

p.s. I’m totally snagging one of their “Arizona Tea Cup Holders”

To: KLP From: LBK [with love, of course]

Call me cynical but when I watch this video, it’s like watching these guy’s ride around The HUB City….but with an¬†infrastructure. Either way, this video kills. Nice to see fixies in place’s more obscure than the plains.

Speaking of infrastructure, when that new parking garage opens up on the other side of the Marsha Sharp…OH MY SCIENCE!

Enjoy the vid-ja (swooped from Prolly)

Fixed Gear Kuala Lumpur, RatsKL‚ÄĒPutrajaya from irmanhilmi on Vimeo.

Don’t Steal Bikes Bro.

Defiantly one of the funniest ‘Missing Bike’ Posters I’ve seen in awhile. Reminds me of something my old man would have helped me write. Luckily, no one ever stole my Mongoose as a kid.

But seriously, DON’T STEAL BIKES BRO!

(Post dedicated to Ben Oliver. If anyone sees a Black Peugeot w/ Orange Accents & Yellow Risers call 214-949-9498)

Someone NEEDS to represent

Someone from Lubbock NEEDS to get down to S.A. town this weekend and represent a little of the Lubbock scene. Wish I didn’t work; looks like it’s guna be a blast!