Coffee Backpack

Some super legit news on so many fronts.

First off, the Starbucks that keeps my bills payed has agreed to my idea that we need to start a delivery service for campus and the surrounding areas.
Deliveries will be made via bicycle, which is awesome because now I get paid to ride my bike and bring people their legal-crack.
There was one problem we had left to overcome…transportation.
That’s where the coffee backpack comes in. Right now the sketches are rough but think of a flat pouch with pedal straps lining it to hold mason jars full of hot tasty goodness.
Paul and all the wonderful gentlemen over at BLAQ have kindly agreed to help us with this endeavor and I can’t even being to thank them enough in advance for the awesomeness that will surely ensue.
Check out the ROUGH sketches below.

Peace and Happy Riding


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