Culture Challenge

Arguably, the purpose of our blog is to act as a digital supplement to a burgeoning local culture–the Lubbock fixed gear/single speed culture. We take bike enthusiasts of all breeds, but we will admit that we aim at a particular audience. So as bike culture grows and develops here in town there are going to be a few mile markers that we need to take note of:

1) At least one organized event. Sure weekend rides are fun but we need to get something together where folks can meet, greet, and compete. Think Tour de Tech Terrace spirit with bike commuter/racer/mechanic enthusiasm. An event with some events like foot down, skip comps, and track stand comps would be a good place to start. Hell, even a good old fashioned ass-buster through town would be fun (aka an “alley cat,” but really, with no real messenger service/culture in town, what’s the point of stealing the name if for no reason than vanity).

2) A common ground. Where do you head to meet your bike folks? J&B? Starbucks? Bash’s or Schooner’s? Why not create a draw like what Rapha has been doing in England with their own bike-geared (no pun intended) coffee shops? Just because we live in a small-ish town doesn’t mean that we need to act like all the action is out of reach and reserved for larger metro areas. A big pull for this is the pretty vivid observation that a lot of us who ride fixed/ss or have a notable passion for it stay in town year long almost ensuring a consistent customer base.

3) Let’s see where it goes. A polo club? How about some bike soccer? Maybe a co-op or tool collective? A custom bike shop or even a fixed/ss/bmx bike shop would be pretty killer too. Who knows. All of these sounds like legitimate future possibilities.

None of these things are going to happen on their own. Someone needs to think, organize, and act. So. Get going. Let’s see what you can do Lubbock. We challenge you to give this culture some shape and direction.


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