Who Has Ghetto Foot Straps?

I found a sweet contest that could win someone a new pair of foot straps. Submit  a picture of your worn-out or ghetto straps and you could win these:Here is the link to the contest: http://www.constantrevolution.net/2010/09/contest-win-pair-of-ynot-straps.html

If you don’t have foot straps and would like some free ones then get busy rigging up a pair of make-shift straps, borrow a friends camera (if you don’t have money for straps you probably don’t have money for a camera) and submit!


I’ll Bring the Jam

and you bring the butter…

These beauties are for flippin’ sale here

Foot Straps

I have been in the market for footstraps for a few months now. I ran across these today and they seem legit and a reasonable price.

Anyone know of any other good options? Less that $50 would be GREAT. PEDAL Consumption also has some good stuff.

New Raleigh Rush Hour

Check out the new Rush Hour by Raleigh. While you are at it, read a review of the  previous model from Urban Velo.

I got the tip about this bike from a friend of mine whose husband works for Raleigh! What a job! He gets to decide what bikes go to the bike shops.

Just met this guy’s dad…

4 buddies, runners from college and avid cyclists, rice across Europe in the summer of ’10. Looks pretty bad-ass.

This guy’s dad stopped me outside Starbucks asking if I “liked riding fixie.” Got to talking and he told me his son loved his and that he (dad) had gotten a chance to ride it. Didn’t take the chance of riding it through Europe though, what with all the hills, mountains, cobbles, and techno clubs. You just can’t trust those techno kids.

Cool dad. Cooler kid. Coolest blog; they do a lot of good-will work around the world…and they have t-shirts!


IT IS IN AUSTIN; what more could you ask for? There will hardly be a better way to spend a cold-ass February weekend

Brake or Brake-less

From The Foot Down

Following on from the hemet debate from a couple of weeks ago lets shoot the shit out of the brakes vs brakeless issue. Firstly though I must say that I am very pleased with the comments on the helmet post, these things usually descend into inane name calling pretty quickly but it looks like you, my lovely readers, are a very reasonable, intelligent bunch! As expected though most commenters were helmet wearers so it would be nice to hear from some more bare heads.
brakeless fixed gear bikeBrakeless, some people see it as suicidal but I would disagree. Riding a brakeless fixed gear bike isn’t like riding with a brake, you simply don’t do things the same way. People with a brake usually go pretty fast and stop at the end whereas brakeless riders tend to start to slow down earlier and come to a stop a lot more gradually, folks don’t see that though and actually often refuse to believe that it’s a viable method of coming to a stop.

There is absolutely no denying that a front brake will bring you to a stop far more safely than locking up your legs but that doesn’t mean that fitting a brake is a must (unless you are a staunch law abider). I think in most circumstances skip and skid stops work absolutely fine but there are certainly cases where they are less than ideal. Locking up your legs at 30+mph with a mid 70GI usually results in a bit of a fucking scary wobble followed by a bunch of skips, a booming heart rate and a big “PHEW!” at the end but this is also the reason for riding brakeless isn’t it?

Being a death defying badass is what it’s all about, oh, and “the zen” that people went on about a few years back (where did the zen go?), I just can’t imagine that the thrill is the same with a brake, I suppose it’s a bit like jumping out of a plane without a backup parachute, if the main one fucks up then you are fucked but if it does work you feel like a million bucks when you gently land on your feet and don’t end up as a gross bloody puddle of guts and bones in front of your friends and family.

Maybe riding brakeless is just plain irresponsible but I’ve yet to see anyone riding without a brake crash into anything because they didn’t have a lever to pull on, at the end of the day you still need a fair distance in which to stop with a front brake. If someone opens a door right in front of you or a car pulls out of a junction right in front of you or a pedestrian walks out right in front of you then you are going down, with or without a brake. Being on the ball and paying attention to what is going on around you at all times is more important than a brake if you ask me.

Like with helmets the fixed gear scene is split right down the middle when it comes to brakes, people on both sides of the fence are very proud of their choice and are adamant that the braking method they have chosen is the best way. Lets hear your thoughts on this, have you had any accidents that a brake would have prevented? Have you pulled your brake in an emergency and gone over the bars like a human cannonball? Do you think brakeless riders are morons? Is fitting a brake for pussies???

Qtd from The Foot Down

What the f- is this???

From here

Night Polo

Found this sweet little story about bike polo. Well designed and fun to read!

Coffee Backpack

Some super legit news on so many fronts.

First off, the Starbucks that keeps my bills payed has agreed to my idea that we need to start a delivery service for campus and the surrounding areas.
Deliveries will be made via bicycle, which is awesome because now I get paid to ride my bike and bring people their legal-crack.
There was one problem we had left to overcome…transportation.
That’s where the coffee backpack comes in. Right now the sketches are rough but think of a flat pouch with pedal straps lining it to hold mason jars full of hot tasty goodness.
Paul and all the wonderful gentlemen over at BLAQ have kindly agreed to help us with this endeavor and I can’t even being to thank them enough in advance for the awesomeness that will surely ensue.
Check out the ROUGH sketches below.

Peace and Happy Riding